Board of Reviewers

About the Board

Microbiology has enlisted a Board of Reviewers dedicated to the journal's peer review process. Representatives on the board will provide an impartial and objective assessment of the articles submitted to Microbiology – all reviewers have a wide range of expertise in the field of microbiology.


Cristel Archambaud
INRA Centre de Jouy en Josas, France
Research interests: Enterococcus, host-pathogen interactions, listeria, microbiota, mucosal immunology
Andrew Ball
RMIT University, Australia
Research interests: Environmental microbiology
Jeffrey M. Becker
University of Tennessee, USA
Research interests: Candida albicans, fungal pathogenesis, membrane transport, pheromones, receptors, S. cerevisiae, yeast
Jose A. Bengoechea
Queen's University Belfast, UK
Research interests: Innate immunity, LPS, microbial pathogenesis
Dany JV Beste
University of Surrey, UK
Research interests: Host-pathogen metabolism, mycobacterium tuberculosis, systems biology
Patrick Jon Biggs
Massey University, New Zealand
Research interests: Bioinformatics, campylobacter, comparative,genomics, next generation sequencing, pathogenomics, pathogenomics
Glenn F. Browning
University of Melbourne, Australia
Research interests: Mycoplasma, pathogenesis, veterinary
Cinzia Calvio
Universitá degli Studi di Pavia, Italy
Research interests: Bacillus subtilis, bacterial genetics, bacterial capsule, gene regulation.
Jose Cansado
Universidad de Murcia, Spain
Research interests: Protein kinases, schizosaccharomyces pombe, signalling cascades, stress, yeast
Giovanni Delogu
Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy
Research interests: Bacterial pathogenesis, mycobacterium, tuberculosis, vaccine
Vincent Eijsink
Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB), Norway
Research interests: Biochemistry, enzyme technology, microbiology
Joachim F. Ernst
Heinrich Heine Universitaet, Germany
Research interests: Candida albicans, gene expression, glycosylation, hypoxia, morphogenesis
Paul H. Everest
University of Glasgow, UK
Research interests: Campylobacter, clinical microbiology, gastrointestinal infection
David L. Gally
University of Edinburgh, UK
Research interests: Escherichia coli, pathogens, antibacterials, bacteriophage, antibiotic resistance, bacterial toxins
Nathan S. Gordon
MPG Operations LLC, USA
Research interests: Escherichia coli, microbial ecology, popualtion genetics
Jeffrey Green
University of Sheffield, UK
Research interests: Bacterial gene regulation, bacterial physiology, iron-sulfur proteins
Steven D. Harris
University of Nebraska, USA
Research interests: Extremophile fungi, fungal cell biology, fungal development, hyphal growth and morphogenesis
Alfredo Herrera-Estrella
Laboratorio Nacional De Genomica Para La Biodiversidad (Langbio), Mexico
Research interests: Fungal–development, comparative and functional genomics
Paul R. Herron
University of Strathclyde, UK
Research interests: Actinobacteria, antibiotic biosynthesis, bacteriophage, cell division, development, streptomyces, transposon
Bernhard Hube
Hans Knoell Institute Jena, Germany
Research interests: Candida, fungal infection biology, molecular mycology
Rupinder Kaur
Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, India
Research interests: Antifungal drug resistance, candida, fungal pathogens, host-pathogen interaction, pH homeostasis, yeast aspartyl proteases, yeast molecular biology and genetics
Nancy P. Keller
University of Wisconsin, USA
Research interests: Aspergillus, host-pathogen, oxylipin, secondary metabolite, spore, stress response
James B. Konopka
Stony Brook University, USA
Research interests: Candida albicans, eisosome, fungal pathogenesis, N-acetylglucosamine signaling, plasma membrane
Tino Krell
Institution Estación Experimental del Zaid&oactue;n (CSIC), Spain
Research interests: Signal transduction, chemotaxis, sensing, chemoreceptor, Pseudomonas, molecular recognition
Bastiaan P. Krom
Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Research interests: Biofilm, candida albicans, oral microbiology, quorum sensing
Anja Lührmann
Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
Research interests: Cellular microbiology, microbial pathogenesis, type IV secretion system
Robert J. Maier
University of Georgia, USA
Research interests: Helicobacter, hydrogen metabolism, metalloenzyme, nickel, oxidative stress
Maria Cecilia Mansilla
Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina
Research interests: Bacterial physiology, environmental adaptation, gram-positive bacteria
Jon Marles-Wright
Newcastle University, UK
Research interests: Structural biology, biochemistry, synthetic biology, metalloproteins, industrial biotechnology
Humberto Martin
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Research interests: Cell signaling, MAP kinase, yeast
Anne Liza McCartney
University of Reading, UK
Research interests: Actinobacteria, human gut microbiota, probiotics, prebiotics
Andrew Millard
University of Warwick, UK
Research interests: Bacteriophage, cyanophage, genomics, metagenomics
Luis Jaime Mota
UCIBIO, Portugal
Research interests: Bacterial pathogenesis, cellular microbiology, chlamydia, legionella, salmonella, type III secretion, yersinia
Alex O'Neill
University of Leeds, UK
Research interests: Antibiotic resistance mechanisms, antibacterial drug discovery
Petra Oyston
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, UK
Research interests: Francisella, yersinia pestis, host–pathogen interactions, vaccines, biodefence
Rebecca Parales
University of California, Davis, USA
Research interests: Bacterial chemotaxis, biodegradation, aromatic compound metabolism, oxygenases, gene regulation, pseudomonas
Kelli Palmer
University of Texas, USA
Research interests: Antibiotic resistance, CRISPR, enterococcus, genomics, horizontal gene transfer
Robert Palmer
National Institutes of Health (NIDCR), USA
Research interests: Biofilm, microbial communities, microscopy, oral bacteria
Martin S. Pavelka Jr
University of Rochester Medical Center, USA
Research interests: Bacterial genetics, cell envelope, mycobacteria, peptidoglycan, tuberculosis, tularemia
Jesús Pla
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Research interests: Candida albicans, commensalism, MAP kinase
Andrew Preston
University of Bath
Research interests: Bacterial genomics, bordetella, lipopolysaccharide, pathogenesis, pertussis
Jyothi Rengarajan
Emory University
Research interests: Tuberculosis, pathogenesis and immunity to infection
Suzana Pinto Salcedo
Institut de Biologie et Chimie des Protéines, France
Research interests: Acinetobacter baumannii, bacteria-host interactions, brucella
Samantha Sampson
Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Research interests: Tuberculosis, host-pathogen interactions, bacterial pathogenesis, Mycobacteria, persisters
Jonathan G. Shaw
University of Sheffield, UK
Research interests: Aeromonas, flagella glycosylation, lateral flagella
Glen C. Ulett
Griffith University, Australia
Research interests: Animal models, apoptosis, burkholderia, escherichia coli, host-pathogen interactions, infection, innate immunity, pathogenesis, streptococcus agalactiae, urinary tract infection
Gottfried Unden
Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Germany
Research interests: Transmembrane signaling, oxygen sensing, C4-dicarboxylate metabolism, (faculatative) anaerobic metabolism
Peter van der Ley
Intravacc, The Netherlands
Research interests: Bacterial vaccine, lipopolysaccharide, outer membrane
Arnoud van Vliet
Institute of Food Research, UK
Research interests: Foodborne pathogens, campylobacter, genomics, molecular epidemiology, virulence, food safety
Keith E. Weaver
University of South Dakota, USA
Research interests: Microbial genetics, mobile genetic elements, gram-positive bacteria, toxin-antitoxin systems, antisense, RNA-mediated regulations
Oscar Zaragoza
Servicio de Micología, Spain
Research interests: Candida, cryptococcus, fungal virulence, host-fungus interaction
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