News : Microbiology Society announces the launch of a new Open Science journal, Access Microbiology

Tasha Mellins-Cohen
06 September 2018

The Microbiology Society is excited to announce the launch of their new Open Science journal, Access Microbiology. The journal introduces a new service to members of our community allowing the publication of replication studies, negative or null results, research proposals, data management plans, additions to established methods, and interdisciplinary work.

We believe that too many of these valuable research outputs have been lost because they are not seen as ‘high impact’, creating a situation in which research is re-done in multiple labs for no gain. Access Microbiology aims to reduce this kind of research waste, so our publication criteria are based on methodological rigor rather than novelty, and the journal is completely Open Access. To further support this goal, we encourage authors to make their data and methods available through initiatives such as figshare and protocols.io, respectively.

The journal's scope covers:

  • The full spectrum of microscopic life forms, from bacteria and viruses to fungi, protists, archaea, and algae; 
  • All approaches, from computational, biotechnology, and laboratory work, to environmental, clinical, and veterinary studies; 
  • Various article types including Research articles, Short communications, Methods, and Cases. 

Simultaneous with the launch of Access Microbiology we are closing submissions for our standalone journal for medical microbiology case reports. The Society is committed to ensuring long-term financial sustainability across all activities, and we are closing JMM Case Reports only because Access Microbiology offers an alternative, sustainable, means of publishing case reports. The journal and every article we’ve published in it will remain available on the Society’s journal website, www.microbiologyresearch.org. Everything is also stored for long-term preservation in both Portico and CLOCKSS.

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

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