News : Microbiology launches new Board of Reviewers

19 September 2016
Microbiology has launched a Board of Reviewers, made up of established reviewers and former Editors, to expand its pool of editorial and peer review expertise. These reviewers will provide an impartial and objective assessment of submitted articles, as well as support the continual growth of the journal.

The representatives on the board are currently professionals in their respective fields and should be utilised as suggested reviewers for submissions.

Dr Tanya Parish, Editor-in-Chief of Microbiology, says: “We are excited to launch a board comprised of a group of expert reviewers and previous Editors, committed to providing us with prompt and high-quality reviews. We are convinced that this will enable us to deliver rapid decisions on manuscripts without compromising the quality of those decisions.”

The Board of Reviewers for Microbiology can be found here. Authors can use this page for selecting suggested reviewers when submitting their articles. Editors will make decisions by working alongside reviewers to accept articles suitable for the scope of Microbiology.

Microbiology accepts submissions on a broad range of microbiology that offer an innovative insight into the field. Submissions must make an original and novel contribution to the field of microbiology. For more information, please see the journal’s homepage.
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