News : Microbiology is now publishing graphical abstracts

08 October 2018
We are pleased to share another new development at Microbiology. We will now be accepting graphical abstracts which will be published as part of the final manuscript online.
Authors will have the option to provide a high-quality image, summarizing key elements of their paper to enhance their publication. Although this will be an optional addition to a manuscript, we would encourage our authors to consider including these for all papers.
Graphical abstracts are intended to provide easily accessible highlights for our readers and, in addition, can be used on social media to promote papers and increase readership.
We hope that you will find this new option useful. Although we will not request graphical abstracts until after initial peer review, we encourage our authors to consider what images might accompany their papers at an early stage. By requesting high-quality abstracts only at the revision stage, we aim to reduce any additional burden placed on our authors.
Further information on the format and file requirements can be found here.

Example of a graphical abstract:

Formation of attaching and effacing lesions on intestinal epithelia by E. coli O157:H7. The LEE-encoded T3SS injects effectors into enterocytes, including the translocated intimin receptor Tir.

Tanya Parish 
Editor-in-Chief, Microbiology

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