About Microbiology

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Tanya Parish, Infectious Disease Research Institute, USA

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Professor Gavin Thomas, University of York, UK 

Microbiology is the flagship journal of the Microbiology Society. We publish high-quality original research articles and reviews on a broad range of microbiological topics, from the fundamental biology of prokaryotic and eukaryotic micro-organisms to applied microbiology and microbial biotechnology. We also consider theoretical and predictive articles which formulate novel hypotheses or reach significant conclusions, as well as articles that describe new methods with important insight into the micro-organism or process being studied. The journal’s exceptional breadth of coverage makes it a premier resource for microbiologists in all areas of research.

Articles in Microbiology are published under the subject categories shown below, and authors are asked to indicate the subject category for their article during submission:

  • Physiology and metabolism: synthesis of macromolecules, metabolic pathways and their regulation, bioenergetics and transport, biochemistry, stress responses, antibiotic-resistance and tolerance mechanisms, and mode of action of antibiotics.
  • Regulation: environmental adaptations and responses, signalling and communication, mechanisms of regulation, and transcriptional and translational responses.
  • Host–microbe interaction (with a focus on the microbe, not the host): human, animal and plant pathogens, non-pathogenic microbe-host interactions, emerging pathogens, mechanisms of pathogenesis, and immune response to infection.
  • Genomics, systems and synthetic biology: bioinformatics, novel insights from genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, metagenomics, synthetic biology, synthetic communities, microbiome, antibiotic resistance, and horizontal gene transfer, mathematical and statistical modelling.
  • Biotechnology and applied microbiology: metabolic engineering, metabolomics, genetic engineering, directed evolution, bioremediation, bioengineering, protein engineering, food microbiology, antimicrobial drug discovery, microbes as cell factories, and bioenergy.
  • Environmental biology: ecology, microbial communities, community structures and interactions, biofilms, population genetics, evolutionary microbiology, biodegradation and bioremediation, and biodiversity.
  • Cell biology: all forms of high-resolution microscopy, differentiation and development, secretion, and macromolecular assembly.

Microbiology is indexed in Biological Abstracts, BIOSIS Previews, CAB Abstracts, Current Contents – Life Sciences, Current Awareness in Biological Sciences, Current Opinion series, EMBASE, MEDLINE, Russian Academy of Science, Science Citation Index, SciSearch, and SCOPUS, as well as on Google Scholar, ensuring maximum discoverability of your research.

Please contact [email protected] with any queries about Microbiology. All pre-submission enquiries are reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief without reference to previously submitted articles.

For more information about Microbiology, or any of our other journals, please see the Information for Authors pages.

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